Purposeful Farming

We have worked hard for more than a decade in an effort to control every aspect of the process that brings you the high-quality Earth Exotics™ Artisanal Handcrafted Vegetables. Our company believes in vertical integration and sustainable growing practices allowing us to go beyond just producing fresh produce for you, our customer.

We are in control of the seed varieties and growing practices that are utilized in growing our products. Our packaging facilities are built to our specifications and are certified by outside, third party inspection companies. We are proud to say that we have been awarded the most prestigious level of certification over the course of many years of service.

We are very proud of the protocols that we have put in place with our growing partners. From the beginning of this process we wanted to establish a strong, efficient, conscientious growing network so as to ensure that our growers are growing environmentally friendly products and using sustainable growing practices.

Earth Exotics™ has put in place a number of practices that allow for greater sustainability practices such as:

At Earth Exotics™ we are proud of our efforts; however, they are ongoing and we will continue to find ways to improve our products through good environmentally sound practices, with an effort to improve our sustainability in the fields we farm.