Purposeful Living

We believe in the future, a world where our children can trust that we have been good stewards of the land. We work hard to control every aspect of the growing process that brings Earth Exotics™ Artisanal Handcrafted Vegetables to life. The process starts in the field with beautiful soil that has been managed to be sustainable for generations. We go beyond just producing fresh produce for you, our customer; we produce good land for your children and their children.

We are connected to the soil, so doesn’t it also make sense that we must be connected to the people and societies that manage that soil? We have a responsibility to the unspoken understanding that we are all connected in some way. Therefore, it’s our social responsibility to find ways to improve those societies. Whether it is through improved health and education projects, including greater education on improving farming techniques in a sustainable way in our growing areas, or simply educating our customers to the needs of these societies. We view this as a privilege. We are passionate about food, but, more than that, we are purposeful about people.

Food with a purpose is food produced by people with a passion to improve lives and with the goal of providing the highest quality food possible at the same time. Earth Exotics™ Artisanal Handcrafted Vegetables are harvested, trimmed, and hand-packaged before being shipped in socially responsible ways. This allows us to create jobs and improve those societies around the world that grow our products. We don’t just produce vegetables, we produce handcrafted purposeful food.